Alternative Transport Systems

Imagine a future where quiet and emission-free vehicles arrive to meet you and automatically drive you to your desired destination. While the vehicle negotiates obstacles and skirts around congestion, you are free to take in the view, or conduct business via mobile phone or internet in a private air-conditioned vehicle.

Alternative Transport Systems offer a solution to increasing traffic congestion and accessibility issues, particularly in inner-city areas, by bridging the gap between traditional public transport modes, and the private vehicle. They can also help improve the mobility of mobility-impaired people, and provide a safer, more secure, and weather-proof alternative to walking or cycling.

Cambray Consulting understands current and emerging technologies, as well as the evolving transport needs of modern cities. As such, we offer a critical interface between vehicle technologists and the establishment ​and operation of a system integrated with other modes and the plethora of rules, regulations and requirements governing their operation.

​Members of our team have assisted transport agencies, property developers and owners to develop and integrate potential Autonomous Vehicle (or Cybernetic Transport) Systems into their future planning. We have advised them on the current and potential status of such technologies, and prepared specifications for their future inclusion in current and recent projects. Further, we have been able to demonstrate how such technology can be integrated into the current built form and to quantify the potential benefits alternative transport projects can offer.

We are excited by the promise that such sustainable modes of transport are coming to fruition to assist others to realise their full potential, as part of an overall integrated transport system.

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