You may not know us by our name, but you will know us by our work.


Cambray Consulting services a variety of clients, including developers, architects, private owners, and local and state government agencies. We provide services ranging from traffic and transport planning to wildlife corridor engineering. We pride ourselves on our client-focused, holistic approach, and our ability to devise innovative solutions.

Our team has the capacity and experience to provide a wide range of expert input into all manner of road, public transport, and walk and cycle planning. We have been involved in an array of transport infrastructure and development projects, ranging across all sectors and scales.

Where your project requires, we will challenge the boundaries of what is possible, while ensuring our paramount responsibility is to safety and the efficient transport of people and goods. Our innovative approach has led to successful outcomes on projects that were previously considered unfeasible and, as such, has cemented the Cambray name in the industry.


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