Road Safety

The safety of users of roads and developments with which we are involved is our main priority. Our team members have been involved in many aspects of road safety research, safety audits and countermeasure application over the past 20 years.

Our approach to road safety is more organic than the traditional Road Safety Audit, however these two different approaches can be used to great effect when applied together.

Relevant projects our team members have contributed to include:

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  • Red Light Camera Before and After Studies

  • Langton Street Open Level Crossing Study, Townsville

  • Ipswich Road Safety Strategy

  • Bruce Highway, Maryborough Bypass Road Safety Audit

  • Coronation Drive Tidal Flow Bus Lane and T2 Lane Projects

  • Waterworks Road Transit Lane Stage 3 Safety Audit

  • Nundah Bypass Stage 3 Safety Audit

  • Development of Bikeway Safety Audit Proformas

  • Bicentennial Bikeway Safety Audit

  • Northside Bikeways (Spring Hill to Albion and CBD to New Farm) Safety Audit

  • South East Freeway Bikeway Safety Audit

  • Eastern Downs Railway Open Level Crossing Safety Study - Stage 5 Safety Audit

  • Marburg Bypass Stage 3 Safety Review

  • Maryborough Bypass (Gympie Road - Walkers Road) Safety Audit

  • Participation in various road safety audits and reviews as part of Highways design processes

  • Mass Action Accident Remediation Project, NT

  • Administration of the NT Road Crash Database

In our experience the safety performance of a road system requires much more than an understanding of the accepted standards.

It requires us to visualise the multitude of complex road conditions, vehicle handling characteristics, emotional states, external circumstances, visual and motional cues and distractions that a road user could be subject to in all manner of combinations, abilities and experience levels, then to predict the range of responses they may choose and the potential consequences of such choices.